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Welcome to Action Toy Library!

We specialize in collecting, preserving & archiving vintage action toy figures from the 70's ,80's & 90's mainly - GI Joe, He-Man, WWF, M.A.S.K, Star Wars, Star Trek, Transformers, Thunder Cats, Go Bots, Silverhawks and many other vintage toy lines! Please do contact us and share with us your collections, your thoughts and suggestions about the toys.

Our Mission

Our mission is to collect, preserve & archive these Classic Vintage Action Toy Figures.

After we purchase these old toys we clean, repair & restore the old toys & make them look as good as new to display them in our Toy Archives. We hope our collection will help continue to preserve these treasures and be a resource for young and old at heart. We are NOT sellers, only collectors. We do not claim to be toy experts, but we have a passion for uncovering and piecing together amazing lines and bringing them back to life. So that we can preserve the memories of these childhood classics & share the passion with collectors of the past, present & future generations.

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